Project Requirements and Recommendations

In this section we discuss project requirements and recommendations. Many of the recommendations involve working on technologies that we're keen on developing and incubating for Movement!


For all hackathon participants, we expect...

  • a pitch deck,
  • a paper,
  • links to source developed during the hackathon.

We've included templates for LaTeX and PPT in the templates/presentation folder. You will make five minute pitches using your deck at the end of the hackathon.

Project recommendations

There are a variety of ways to use and contribute to the Movement ecosystem. These include dApp development, infrastructure development, bounties, and direct contributions to our software.


The content of this course should have prepared you to work on dApps such as the following.

  • Continue with 💻 GimmeMini, examples/movement/gimme_mini
  • Continue with 💻 MiniDex, examples/movement/mini_dex.
  • Create a mini oracle provider, rollup provider, or validator set management system. You may wish to continue from 💻 NewsMoves examples/movement/new_moves
  • Decentralized Twitter clone. You may fish to continue from 💻 MyFirstDapp examples/movement/my_first_dapp.


We're all about continuing to build out the Movement ecosystem to empower more awesome developers like you. At the time of writing, the following are all things we have a close eye on.

  • Connect a new wallet! Right now we only support Pontem on testnet.
  • Create an L2 that allows us to deposit levered funds in another protocol.
  • Create a framework for borrowing funds against an asset.
  • Create a framework that allows for customizable liquidity strategies.
  • Build integrations with Perp.
  • Develop a stable swap with another subnet


We've also put together a community. Some of our bounties include.

  • Report UI/UX bug
  • Report backend bug
  • Deploy App with 100 unique smart contract interactions
  • Community Award To 3 Most used dApps
  • Screenshot using App
  • Deploy project from Aptos / Sui
  • Contribute to Champions


We welcome contributions to our source, including the movement-hack repo from which this book is sourced. Generally speaking we encourage you to...

  • Develop new starter code and example modules.
  • Submit PRs against open issues.
  • Improve documentation.